Luxurious  tannins and balanced acidity enhance fruity flavors and mentions of soft, toasty oak.  

Medal Winner at Orange County Fair. This wine is presently sold directly by the Winery. 

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Price: $50 per bottle

Cabernet Franc is medium-bodied red wine whose origins likely lie in the Basque country of France. The wine is loved for its savory flavors, medium high acidity and mouthwatering taste. It is an ideal food pairing wine.  Subtle complexity.

Subtle, fragrant, gently welcoming  Every thing you look for in a wine – body, tannin, alcohol, colour.

Very similar to our 2015 production but somewhat softer with slightly less acidity.  

The unique climate of the Santa Rosa Plateau with its ocean breezes and vines surrounded by stands of oak trees promotes a unique composition reminsceint of French wine making.

Available On line

Available On line