Majorca Vineyards

Premium Wine for Discerning People



Natural Winemaking

Pure natural wine making at it’s best. Our grapes are grown in virgin soil, never before used for agriculture.

virgin soil

Estate Bottled

We cleared the land, planted our vines, we harvest by hand, ferment and age in our own facilities, and bottle on site. We never buy or sell grapes. We control every aspect of wine production to assure you the very best quality.

natural winemaking

Premium varieties. Small lot production. Available only from the winery

Medal Winners in 2017 and 2019 in world’s largest California wine competition. Cabernet Franc (2019) and Pinot Noir (2017).

Production is limited to assure quality. Premium wine requires close control of production, something that cannot be achieved in high volume production.

Our wines are available only through the winery. You won’t find our wines on your grocer’s shelves. Our wines are fairly priced and intended for those who truly appreciate good wine. You can serve our wines to anyone without reservation!

Wonderful Tasting

We had a wonderful tasting at Majorca Vineyard. If you are looking for a more intimate setting, higher quality wines than most found in the bigger wineries AND a healthier pour, then this is the place for you. This is a true artisan winery with love blended into every bottle. Far from the madding crowd but easy to get to – we loved our experience there!

Majyk Equipe

Great Adventure

This is a great family owned winery. It was a great adventure! The wine was “SUPERB”, a must try for red wine lovers! It was delightful to talk to a very articulate and knowledgeable wine maker, who also is the owner of this beautiful vineyard. An experience I’ll never be able to duplicate.

Suzanne Macenas

Smooth & Distinct Taste

I LOVE the cab franc. Such a smooth and distinct taste. Amazing property with stunning views, as well. I would gladly spend any weekend here sipping wine under the pepper trees!

Taylor McLaughlin

Our Go-To Wines

Love the wines from Majorca Vineyards! The silky, smooth cranberry flavor of the Pinot Noir leaves no unpleasant aftertaste and warms the palette. The well-balanced elements of the Cab Franc deliver a taste sensation that pairs beautifully with just about any food. Both are our go-to wines when entertaining or just relaxing after a busy day.

Shelbe Zimmerman

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