The Point of the Points is Pointless

Looking for a high point wine. Great! Now lets see what that really means. Wine scoring goes like this:

FactorStandards and Comments

Potential Score

It’s WineMeans the taster sees something red in a glass bottle. Could be simple grape juice and would still get 50 points.


Color and AppearanceHow does the wine look, optics! Could anything be more subjective?


Aroma and BouquetWhat the nose perceives, complexity.  My nose or your nose? Are all noses the same? At this stage a wine could get 70 points and never have touched the lips of an “expert.”  So, a trained palate isn’t necessary to get 70 points.


Flavor and FinishThe official score is: “What you taste and how long the finish lasts.” Nonsense! What you taste and what I taste may be entirely different and “how long” is a transient and unmeasurable standard.


Overall Quality“Subjective factor on the integrated experience.”  Wow!  I get it! Having a good day, feeling warm and cozy so let’s just add ten points.  Clearly a reliable standard.


Total Available 


There are no qualifications for people who rate wines! Think about it. There is no universal standard for what is a good wine or what is a bad wine.  Of course, you can tell the difference. You can tell what wines you like and which you don’t care for. Your palate is the only one that matters. Buy what you like!

Until you know who actually rated a wine, how much they were paid, for whom they work, and whether their tastes align with yours, a wine score is essentially meaningless and serves only as a basis to price wine.

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